Tuesday, July 20, 2010


MOAR pedo! Anyone who has read my blog knows that this creeper follows any teen/kid sim he sees. He then creepily stares at them. Well here we go again...
Even better news...he's a teacher. This is the sim he was stalking...I just aged him up, he was born in game and is probably my cutest teen sim I've made/had in game.


As usual, more updates to come (don't worry I won't have any more related to this townie lol)

Think I'm in love!

Yep...not much to say here...
That's all for now folks!

(More sim updates comming soon)

Monday, July 19, 2010

New sim! (A very cliche one )

Yep, I did it...I made a zombie sim. There is a reason! Follow this story and you'll find *rich rewards. I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 so I wanted to make a zombie from the series called a "witch." Too much work, I failed *frowns* Then I just decided to whip up this chick who was left at the altar and some other cliche crap. She isn't the most original nor my favorite sim but she is funny to play as.
She's an insane, childish, hopless romantic, loner...and I forget her last trait. So she's pretty much an undead psycho who wants to be loved. She doesn't handle rejection well...

'Tis all for now folks!
*By "rich rewards" I mean a sense of satisfaction because you read the story behind a sim you probably don't care about. Is that not the best reward of all?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pedo Bear in Sims 3? Wut?

You heard it here.
Pedo Bear has taken on a new alias (some townie in Twinbrook) He's been stalking my simmie and some poor child townie. Pics you say? Of course!
Here is my simmie, being a dramatic teen she wanted to get away from home, I allowed this. Note that she is at the school playground...

See anything wrong with the pic below? I'll give you a hint...The grown man swinging with his evil smirk (he is not related to my sim or that poor kid next to him)

Sweet baby Jesus! Run you poor fool! I must say this man has the best pedo face ever.

Yep...staring at both of them like this is not creepy at all.

Lock up the kids after hours...
I would love to say this was me setting this creeper up...but it was all freewill.


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